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How to make your home feel magical for Christmas

How to make your home look magical for Christmas

It’s that time of year again where we start to think about Christmas and making our homes look lovely and festive. This post will give you some great ideas on how you can make your home look magical for Christmas.

How to make your home feel magical for Christmas

For a lot of us it is important to make our homes look really magical over the Christmas season. Even more so if we have children or young relatives that might be coming over. Most of us have the usual Christmas tree with lovely twinkly decorations and lights. But what else can you do to make your home feel more magical?

The Christmas Tree

As I previously mentioned most of us have a beautiful Christmas tree with all the twinkly lights and decorations. But for me what makes a tree even more festive is the smell. A smell that you can only really get with a real tree! There is nothing quite like having a real tree at Christmas and these Nordmann fir trees don’t drop their needles like others do. Adding some tinsel to your tree can also add to the sparkle and make the tree extra magical.

Hang a Christmas Garland

A Christmas garland along your mantle piece always looks wonderfully festive. Add in some fairy lights and some small baubles or maybe a few ribbons and your fireplace with look ready for Santa. Bundling some cinnamon sticks with some dried oranges also looks lovely and gives you that Christmassy smell. And don’t forget to hang your stockings up here on Christmas eve!┬áIf you don’t have a mantle piece then you could try hanging a garland over a doorway or maybe up your stairs.

A Christmas Wreath

There nothing more welcoming at Christmas time than a wreath hung on your front door. This is a fantastic way to greet your Christmas guests and it brings the festive feeling to the outside of your home. However some wreaths can be expensive, if you don’t have much cash to spend this Christmas or you feel you might need a little boost then Click here for a quick cash quote.

Do some Christmas baking

Make your home feel magical for Christmas by doing some Christmas baking and get those festive aromas around your home. Gingerbread biscuits, Christmas cake and mince pies all give that amazing smell. If baking isn’t your thing then you could always pick up a few Christmas candles or air fresheners. For me there is nothing better than walking in to a room filled with the smell of mince pies, yum!

I would love to hear how you make your home feel more magical at Christmas time, let me know in the comments below.

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