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A guide to keeping your hair looking great though winter

It’s December, the temperature has dropped and your hair may not be feeling or looking as good as it did before. It’s not always easy to keep your hair in tip top condition with everything that winter brings.

A guide to keeping your hair looking great though winter

Going from freezing cold outside to the warmth of central heating can play havoc with your tresses. This guide should help you to winter proof your hair.

Use a weekly hair mask

Using a weekly hair mask can replace any moisture lost which can lead to dry and brittle hair. Giving your hair a weekly dose of extra moisture is a great way to keep it looking and feeling healthy and we get a nice little bathroom pamper session in the process. If you’re struggling to choose a mask here is a list of the top 9 hair masks of 2018 to help you make your choice.

Hair Oil

Using a hair oil everyday can really help strengthen your strands leaving it less likely to break in the extreme temperature changes. It only takes a drop of oil all over your damp or dry hair and you’re good to go.

Back away from the hairdryer and always use a good heat protector spray

So many people don’t realise that when you use any type of heat source on your hair you are essentially burning it. Using a really good quality heat protector spray really is so important to protect your hair from burning. During the winter it is best to leave your hair to dry naturally if that is possible. The reason for this is the more it’s heated up and cooled down, the more it’s likely to be susceptible to breakage. Try towel drying your hair instead or leaving it to dry naturally for as long as possible before grabbing the dryer.

Limit using the straighteners

As mentioned before giving your hair a bit of a break from the heat sources is really good idea especially during winter. Even leaving your hair natural just once a week could help it to recover from too much heat.

Hair loss and hair breakage

Sometimes the inevitable will just happen and your hair may become dry and brittle especially during the winter months. But winter may not be the only cause of this. Did you know that your mental and physical health can dramatically impact hair growth and condition. If you find that you have an issue with hair loss then you might like to book an appointment to see your GP to find out the underlying cause of this.

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