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How to make your bedroom cosy but practical

How to make your bedroom cosy but practical

In a perfect world our bedrooms would look like a haven of tranquility and calm. A place where we could go to escape our hectic everyday lives. To fall into a beautiful slumber and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

The reality of that however isn’t quite the same. We often have clutter, clothes and all of that other ‘stuff’ that just ended up in there. You can meet in the middle of calm and practical though with these handy tips and tricks.

Make use of handy secret storage spaces

We all have a bit of clutter, things that we want to keep hold of just in case. But being clever with your storage solutions can hide it away from everyday sight. A great example is this gorgeous ottoman bed, not only is it beautiful but it’s very practical too.

Get some extra practical storage space

Blanket boxes make a great addition to the end of a bed and offer a great storage solution. If you’re lucky enough to have the space in your bedroom you could also use it under a window as a seat. You can store more than just blankets in them, be creative with the space.

When looking for bedside cabinets think about what you will store in them before you buy them. Are drawers more practical for you or maybe go for a little cupboard style. The same goes for clothes storage. Would a wardrobe work better or a chest of drawers?

Use blankets but don’t go overboard on cushions

When thinking of a cosy bedroom we tend to get an idea of lots of soft fluffy cushions and cosy blankets. But overdoing cushions just ends up adding to your clutter. Try to stick with 2 or 3 cushions that match the colour theme of your room.

Blankets however offer a cosy but practical solution to keeping warm in the winter. Fold them over neatly at the bottom of your bed ready to pull over at night time.

I would love to hear what your top trick is for making your bedroom cosy but practical. Let me know in the comments below.

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